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The Team

Who We Are

Nabin Guidey

Lead Campus Pastor

As a Pastor, and as an individual,

I have a heart for people.

My desire is that every Nepalese can come to know Christ!

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co pastor

From studying afar and graduating Bible College,

I feel better equipped than ever to serve my community.

I am honored to able to work with such amazing leaders!

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Office Manager

My heart is to serve,

and share the love and light of Jesus Christ.

I am blessed to be a blessing!

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dennis and lori

Founding Pastors

As a person, I am passionate about the Nepalese people. I have been traveling to Nepal since 2009, bringing teams to help aide the sick, and share the Good News. It is a part of my calling to minister in such a place as Nepal, to bring forth the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As the Founding Pastors, my wife and I are committed to see people receive love, and find hope.

- Pastor Dennis

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